16 Ideas for a Cosy Living Room

Written by Tuesday, 01 March 2016
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If I happen to be passing a small specialty shop on a high street with interesting bits and pieces in it you can guarantee I'll make a detour in for a browse.

Somewhere along the way though, the race to sell cheap items at volume to the masses, rather than the single perfect thing to the individual has taken over the retail scene in Australia and not necessarily for the better. It's a great shame that the inducement to buy, and fast, has replaced the social aspects of browsing and carefully selecting.. and the old message that less is more.

We've just returned from a family holiday to Vietnam and Singapore, as those of you who follow along on Instagram will be aware. Vietnam seemed like the perfect family holiday destination for us as it's a relatively short 2 hour flight from Singapore, and it would expose our children to a totally different culture to that of home. We also wanted it to be a holiday centring on relaxation - it's been a busy year for all of us. So Hoi An in Vietnam ticked all the boxes. It's located on the coast in the mid part of Vietnam and while it is technically currently Winter there, it enjoys a tropical climate, so it was a mild 25-28C most days. Warm enough to swim, but not so hot that walking around the old town of Hoi An was unpleasant.

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